Kirkwall Squash Club was formed on Wednesday 5th February 1969 at a meeting held in the Community Centre, Kirkwall. The club obtained the war time squash court at Hatston from the Kirkwall Town Council on a rent-free, rate-free basis for a period of five years.

At that time the building, then in poor condition, was being used as a tattie store. Money was raised for renovation Рthe installation of a wooden floor by Nicolson Brothers, and the plastering of walls by Andrew Tait & Son Рby inviting a number of people to provide advance subscriptions. This produced £700, the annual subscription being set at three guineas for men, two guineas for ladies and 1 guinea for students, school children and juniors of 18 years and under.

The undernoted were the subscribers, some of whom had never played and would never play squash.

John D M Robertson
David Oddie
Sidney P Robertson
Laura Grimond
Rev H W M Cant
David L Kemp
J A W Lee
P A Sutherland
James Steen
R A A S Macrae
Rita Jamieson
S N Heywood

The clubs first office-bearers were: President – Mr J D M Robertson, Secretary – Dr S N Heywood, Treasurer – D Kemp, Committee – JDM Robertson, Dr S N Heywood, D Kemp, M Gilbertson, N Rushbrook”.

In 2010 Racketball began to grow in popularity around the world, with enthusiastic support of Scottish Squash. So much so that the governing body was renamed Scottish Squash & Racketball. In 2011 an EGM voted to rename the club as Kirkwall Squash & Racketball Club.

At an Club EGM at the Pickaquoy Centre on Tuesday 19th February 2013, after 44 years of being homed at Hatston, it was resolved by an overwhelming majority that the club will be moving to its new home at The Pickaquoy Centre where top class facilities have been provided including movable walls which allow doubles matches. A very fitting location to take the club to the next level.