Doubles Squash

The Pickaquoy Centre boasts purpose built Doubles Courts courtesy of the movable walls. They were one of the first purpose built doubles courts in the Country.

It largely follows the same rules as singles squash with each team taking a rally shot about. The same player from the one team may keep taking their teams shots for an unlimited number of times, meaning not only are you playing against your opponent, you are also having to focus on your partners position on the court to determine who is bets placed to take the next shot! It may look chaotic at first but it quickly finds its flow and is a very enjoyable variant of squash.

Doubles feature at Island Games so we will be making a big push this year to try and get Doubles games more established in Orkney.

The Club runs a Doubles league through the Winter months October through March. Entry forms are available at the courts or you can message this page or our facebook page with your name and phone number if you wish to join the first league in October. The format is 4 players per league with each player playing with each other player for 1 set. This means you just need to arrange a time to suit all 4 players in order to complete the months fixtures in one session.

Full rules are found here.